Training « Discovery of the Forest »


The Living Museum of Wood and Forestry and the Center of Métralière offer you to plan your stay on the themes of environment and forests through an educational program cycle to school 2 and 3, with 3 half days of intervention ...

Half Day 1: The Life of the Forest (Au Plateau Glières - 3h)

This half-day introduction will allow children to discover the rich forests of the plateau Glières and subalpine. We will learn to know and recognize all the trees ... Through practice and play activities, we will identify the different tree species present in the environment as well as their life and functioning (photosynthesis, seasonal cycles, etc.) ... Le Plateau landscape also allow us to address the notion of staging mountain ...

Half Day 2: Life in the Forest (Au Plateau Glières - 3h)

This procedure will allow us to discover the richness of the fauna and flora of the Plateau. With many fun activities, we will discover the people of the forest: from the smallest to the largest, microfauna mammals. By working on simple food chains, children will learn the interdependence and fragility of these many species ... Finally, a stop at the Chalet Sonnerat where different stuffed animals are exposed, will allow children to concretely identify this biodiversity ...

Half Day 3: Forest, Wood and Men (website Écomusée - Montremont Valley - Thônes - 3h)

This last animation sequence will establish a close link between the forest and the Man and better understand life in the mountains, like the Plateau Glières. Through artistic, experimental and analytical approaches such as landscape reading, children will discover human activity in the region, the different roles of a mountain forest, and will have the opportunity to compare the forest of subalpine (Glières) with that of the montane (Montremont Valley) ... Finally, we delve into the work of the forest and wood by visiting the sawmill Etouvières to discover the wood industry local yesterday and today ...

En partenariat avec : Centre FOL 74 La Métralière

Centre FOL 74 La Métralière


If you do not wish to participate in the entire educational program, the Ecomuseum offers to select one or two half days, with content that can be modified according to your project ...

Half days Price Travel expenses TOTAL

Life of the Forest € 90.00 € 0.55 x 80 km = € 44.00 € 134.00

Life in the Forest € 90.00 € 0.55 x 80 km = € 44.00 € 134.00

Forest, Wood and Men € 90.00 € 90.00

TOTAL € 270.00 € 88.00 € 358.00

If you do not wish to participate in all half-day programs ...

  • Half day 1 or 2: 125,00 € + € 44 (travel expenses) or € 169.00
  • Half Day 3: 4,50 € / child or package € 90.00 (less than 20 children) or package € 60.00 (Less than 10 children)
Lively tours and sawing demonstrations

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