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Close to the Living Museum, this path of discovery is accessible and presents no difficulties. Crossing of agricultural and forest environments, it provides fully address the diversity of a mountain environment.

To meet the objectives of your project, some of these themes can be preferred in addition to the visit of the sawmill or a discovery approach based on grade levels. Any animation can therefore be built in partnership with the teacher.


Discover the flora and fauna of the mountain level with the seasons: through observation of species and traces, children can get to know them well and understand their biologies and interactions.

The forest is a rich medium ... On one hand, the natural level, children will discover the species that compose it and their development, from seed to the wooded area. On the other hand, in the roles of the forest, children apprehend the multiplicity of functions and features of forest management in the mountains.

The story is addressed through the search for traces of the past. They testify to human activity that shaped the landscape: the evolution of an open agricultural areas (eighteenth century) to the current forest.


Visit the Living Museum and stroll discovery (1/2 day)

  • Group rate (20 or more children): 5,00 € / child
  • Group rate (less than 20 children): Package € 120.00
  • Group rate (less than 10 children): Package € 80.00

Visit the Living Museum, stroll discovery + another activity (day)

  • Group rate (20 or more children): 8,00 € / child
  • Group rate (less than 20 children): Package € 175.00
  • Group rate (less than 10 children): Package € 125.00

Teachers and coaches receive free ...

Additional information

  • Duration tour: 2 hours
  • Walking shoes (or boots)
  • Warm clothes (winter)
  • Recommended activities in summer
  • Picnic room available
  • Shorter route option suitable for young audiences (Cycle I)
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