Objectives and tasks

The activities of the Ecomuseum aim to

Objectives and tasks
  • arouse interest in trades and practices related to woodworking
  • address the history of man in the mountains to understand the place of the timber industry in its business today
  • raise awareness about the environment by observing the forest
  • teach some concepts of life to understand and respect, the path to eco-citizenship

To perform these tasks and meet the needs of different audiences, specialized facilitators Ecomuseum not only ensure a strong animation activity but also an activity of creation and continuous innovation, relying on good trade practices with members of the departmental network Footprints, or in connection with diverse backgrounds in education, training, tourism, social inclusion, disability or for the protection of nature.

Carry out the activities

by services with adapted rates and with the support of our partners

Carry out the activities
Discovery of mountain forest

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