Discovery walk in the Mont Forest


Starting from the center of Thônes, this walk of about 400 meters in altitude, you will discover a forest multifaceted and lead you to a breathtaking view of the valley, where stands the "New King Mount "a massive spruce over 50 meters high!


During this tour, you will cover the four roles of the mountain forest and its biodiversity:

Its Social Role

Along the way, you can explore the various arrangements to welcome the public and different forest users. This approach will help to understand the multiplicity of forest recreation uses (cycling, walking, hunting, gathering, etc.) and related issues or conflicts of actors.

Its protection role

In the mountains, forests play a vital role in protecting soil and the inhabitants of the valley. A little-known role but avoids many disasters! (Avalanches, rockfalls, mudslides, floods, etc.)

Its Production Role

In the midst of a communal space dedicated to the production and exploitation of wood, you will discover the richness of this forest with high potential, where towering trees coexist (spruce, larch, fir, beech)

Its Ecological Role

Mountain forest is a real reservoir of biodiversity! You will discover the animals that inhabit it, from the smallest to the largest, of the insect to the mammal, to the world feathers! Geology (formation of the Alps and glaciations) can also be approached from a panorama that is ideal for the study of the landscape and its history over thousands of years ...


  • Half day : Package € 200.00
  • Day : Package € 400.00

Teachers and coaches receive free ...

Additional information

  • Duration: 3 hours - Elevation: 400 meters
  • Walking shoes highly recommended
  • Warm clothes in winter

Important: Start at Downtown Thônes (Meeting point you to confirm when booking)

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