Discovery of the aquatic environment: the stream and the pond (youngsters)


In continuation of a visit to the Living Museum, this activity allows to study the aquatic environment as a whole.

The site has an educational pond near a mountain stream, this allows to compare these two media.


The Physical and Dynamic Characters of water:

  • temperature readings
  • Torrent measurement speed
  • observation of how each medium

The Middle and Organic Living:

  • Inventory of fauna and flora of the two media (fishing, determination)
  • observing interactions in "food chain" simple to get to the concept of ecosystem
  • study the characteristics and adaptations of each species in relation to its environment

Data that allow students to approach the fields of physics and biology, through an experimental approach.

This activity can best meet the objectives of your project by favoring certain themes.


Visit the Living Museum and discover the aquatic environment (1/2 day)

  • Group rate (20 and younger): € 6.00 / young
  • Group rate (less than 20 young people): Package € 120.00
  • Group rate (less than 10 young people): Package € 100.00

Visit the Living Museum, discovered the aquatic environment + another activity (day)

  • Group rate (20 and younger): € 9.00/ young
  • Group rate (less than 20 young people): Package € 175.00
  • Group rate (less than 10 young people): Package € 125.00

Teachers and coaches receive free ...

Additional information

  • Duration: 1:30 to 2H
  • Spring and Summer
  • recommended boots
  • Picnic room available
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